MINEDW is a three-dimensional (3-D), finite-element, groundwater flow program that was developed specifically for mining applications. MINEDW is used worldwide to design dewatering or depressurization systems, predict local and regional environmental impacts of mine dewatering, assist in the design of water-supply systems, simulate the infilling of a “pit lake” after mining ceases, and estimate pore-pressure distributions within highwalls for geotechnical design purposes. Its user friendly graphical interface with pre-and post-processing functionality provides a powerful numerical modeling environment.

MINEDW is used at more than 50 mines throughout the world for mining-related applications in diverse hydrogeologic and climatic conditions.


Mine Dewatering Planning

  • Prediction of inflow to underground mine workings and open pits; and
  • Prediction of flow rates and implementation schedule of dewatering wells and drainage galleries.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Drawdown (and recovery) predictions;
  • Assessments of impacts on surface water; and
  • Pit-lake infilling simulations.

Pore-Pressure Analysis

  • Spatial distribution and temporal evolution of pore pressures for input to ground-stability analyses; and
  • Assessments of effectiveness of various pore-pressure reduction schemes.