Itasca Denver, Inc., a subsidiary of Itasca International Inc., provides consulting services in groundwater hydrology, contaminant hydrogeology, and aqueous geochemistry. Itasca Denver’s engineers and scientists specialize in solving hydrogeologic-related problems in the mining, petroleum, and environmental industries. We work directly with industry, law firms, and government agencies; we also act as specialized consultants to other consulting firms in order to address a wide range of water-resource issues. Our extensive experience with the quantitative assessment of surface-water and groundwater flow and water quality enables us to provide our clients with information that is critical for attaining their operational and environmental goals as well as for navigating the complex technical, legal, and permitting aspects of water resources.

Itasca Denver and Itasca International seek practical and economical solutions to problems. The company also possesses widely acknowledged strength in computational engineering. Itasca’s engineers are trained to identify the key issues of a design problem, propose and conduct critical field experiments, and develop optimum designs. Where current technology is inadequate, Itasca conducts research and development on client-specified tasks and projects. The company’s research capability extends from conventional rock and soil mechanics to geodynamics, groundwater flow, heat transfer, rock fracture, chemical transformation, and coupled fluid-thermal-chemical-mechanical processes in rock and soil.

Itasca Denver has developed a variety of software to facilitate our consulting services; the most notable of which is our technically advanced groundwater flow model code, MINEDW. This code was specifically designed to address water-related issues in complex hydrogeologic environments, such as those commonly associated with mining operations. MINEDW is currently in use at many large-scale open-pit and underground mines around the world. At Itasca Denver, we complement our hands-on field testing and instrumentation experience with the appropriate hydrologic and geomechanical software tools— whether they are proprietary Itasca software, other commercially available software, or custom-developed tools—in order to most effectively provide comprehensive practical solutions to hydrologic and engineering problems that may arise on the surface and underground.


Itasca Denver, Inc. was initially founded in 1989 under the name Hydrologic Consultants, Inc. (HCI) of Colorado as a small, employee-owned, specialized consulting firm located in Lakewood, Colorado. Itasca started in February 1981 as Itasca Consulting Group, Inc. (ICG) in Minneapolis, Minnesota; additional offices have since been opened around the world. In October 1999, HCI merged with ICG to become HCItasca Denver, Inc., a merger that resulted in the integration of two specialized teams of international repute in the fields of hydrogeology and geomechanics to form one multi-disciplinary, innovative consulting group. Although our name has changed over the years, our focus on hydrogeology, geochemistry, and other water-related issues has remained the same.