AE Monitoring of True Triaxial Test in InSite


Version Notes:
InSite 3.16

Level: Beginner
Runs in Demo: Yes

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Two examples are shown here using Acoustic Emission (AE) data from a true-triaxial test on a cubic sandstone sample. The data is from a laboratory experiment at Imperial College London for the EC-funded SAFETI project.

To run the example you will also need to download InSite-Lite.

Example 1

The first example shows processed results, with no waveforms included. The AE imaged the creation of fractures that grew as uniaxial stress was increased.

Download the walk-through, Example 1, for a description of the project and instructions on navigating through the main visualisers.

Example 2

The second example shows a sample subset of AE events including full waveform data to explore the full functionalities of InSite Seismic processor (depending on the version and tools installed). Source Mechanisms have been calculated for this subset.

Download the walk-through, Example 2, for a presentation introducing the data set and instructions on navigating through the main visualisers.

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