FLAC3D Introductory Training

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Brisbane, Australia

October 3 - 5, 2017

$AUD 2200
Registration fee is for course only. | Academic Discount of 25%.

Details and Description 


This training course provides an introduction to FLAC3D for application to geotechnical analysis. The three-day course provides an overview of the capabilities and features in FLAC3D and covers software fundamentals with discussions on the theoretical background, basic concepts and modelling principles for 3D geotechnical analysis. Topics include: grid generation, application of boundary conditions, constitutive (material) models, solution of the static equilibrium state, installation of structural support and inclusion of either transient or steady groundwater flow states. The course also includes discussion on using the built-in programming language in FLAC3D (called FISH) to manipulate the FLAC3D model. This is "hands-on" training, and exercises with FLAC3D are provided throughout the course.


Project Engineer – Yoann Hebert, ME., Itasca Australia, Melbourne, Australia.

Mr Hebert is a geotechnical engineer with significant experience in the use of Itasca codes to analyse various geomechanics problems in Australia, Europe and other parts of the world. He has provided consulting on many projects including underground mining (e.g. block cave and SLC mining, pillar stability), open pit mining, underground excavations (e.g. tunnels, caverns, crusher chambers and nuclear waste storage) and dams. Yoann holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering.

Principal Engineer – Glenn Sharrock, Ph.D., Itasca Australia, Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Sharrock has 15 years industry experience in a wide range of rock mechanics positions such as Principal Geotechnical Engineer (Newcrest Mining NL), Rock Mechanics Engineer (Mt Isa Mines), Senior Geotechnical Consultant, (AMC Consultants), and Senior Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering (UNSW). His consulting, operational and research experience spans underground and surface mining in hard rock and coal. He holds an Adjunct Associate Professorship in Geomechanics at the University of Queensland and is a Chartered Professional Geotechnical Engineer.

Who Should Attend? 

A working knowledge of geotechnical engineering (material models, stress, strain, etc.) is recommended. No prior experience of FLAC3D is required, however, occasional users of FLAC3D will benefit considerably from refreshing their knowledge of FLAC3D fundamentals and modelling principles as well as from exposure to the specific applications of FLAC3D that will be covered. Current users will also benefit from exposure to the several enhancements that have been made in FLAC3D 6.0.

What to Bring? 

This is a hands-on course. Participants should bring their own laptops with the latest version of FLAC3D v6.0 software downloaded and installed from the Itasca website (further instructions will follow for registered delegates). Users should have administrator privileges on their laptops and have a working knowledge of their laptop operating system. USB security keys will be provided (laptops must have a free USB port).


ITASCA Australia (Brisbane Office)
Level 5, Toowong Towers
9 Sherwood Rd.
Toowong QLD 4066