MINEDW is a three-dimensional (3-D), finite-element, groundwater flow program, developed specifically for mining applications. MINEDW is in use worldwide for designing dewatering or depressurization systems, predicting local and regional environmental impacts of mine dewatering, assisting in the design of water-supply systems, simulating the infilling of a “pit lake” after mining ceases, and estimating pore-pressure distributions within high walls for geotechnical design purposes. Its user friendly graphical interface with pre-and post-processing functionality provides a powerful numerical modeling environment.

MINEDW is used at more than 50 mines throughout the world for mining-related issues in diverse hydrogeologic and climatic conditions.


IHOD (Itasca Hydrologic Observation Dataviewer) was developed by Itasca specifically for groundwater data management. IHOD is a customizable QGIS plugin that merges high-level database input/output with tools for viewing hydrogeologic and geochemical data. It interacts directly with underlying databases to retrieve data and provide the user with intuitive access to those data in graphical and tabular formats that are readily integrated into the user's work flow.