One particular aspect that makes Itasca unique among geotechnical and petroleum consulting firms is our development of advanced numerical simulation programs in hydrogeology and soil and rock mechanics. We develop and market the most widely used geomechanics simulation software in the world. Itasca software codes include the two and three-dimensional continuum programs FLAC and FLAC3D, the two and three-dimensional discontinuum programs UDEC and 3DEC, and the two and three-dimensional particle-flow simulation programs PFC2D and PFC3D. These programs are used by over 3,000 companies, consultants in rock and soil mechanics, and university and government researchers worldwide. Itasca codes are general purpose geomechanics codes that have application in the mining, civil, and waste isolation industries, in addition to petroleum engineering.Custom modification or development of these programs can be performed for specific project or client needs. Development of all software is governed by input from our consulting practice. Consequently, clients are assured that these numerical modeling codes are practical, efficient analysis tools with a proven record of solutions to real-world problems.

Itasca geomechanics codes are sold through Itasca International's office in Minneapolis and our local offices. Training courses on the use of all Itasca software are held on a regular basis. Specific training needs can also be supplied on an as-needed basis.