Itasca Denver's staff has extensive experience with the environmental permitting process. We have worked closely with different mining companies, with federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as with other consultants and subcontractors; through these interactions, we have earned a solid reputation for our ability to combine highly-defensible technical work with the appropriate level of discussion and regulatory interaction throughout the environmental permitting process. Itasca Denver has first-hand knowledge of important hydrogeology and geochemistry issues, particularly those that arise in the western United States. We are also highly experienced in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) permitting process and in obtaining State and Federal discharge permits. We have worked directly for mining companies as technical consultants, for Federal agencies as third-party contractors, and as disciplinary leads/reviewers for other consultants, engineering firms, and law firms.

Services Offered

  • Preparation of technical studies in support of permitting (e.g., baseline hydrologic studies, environmental impact assessments, hydrogeologic and geochemical characterization, etc.);
  • Subcontracting to other consultants as disciplinary leads for hydrogeology and geochemistry;
  • Independent review of existing studies, data adequacy, and/or potential permitting hurdles;
  • Development of groundwater flow and geochemical models in support of permitting; and
  • Preparation of applications and supporting materials for State and Federal permits (e.g., Water Pollution Control Permits, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System [NPDES] permits, Permits to Mine, etc.)