Itasca Denver has extensive experience in deciphering complex hydrogeologic systems, such as those associated with ore bodies, highly-fractured bedrock, and complex depositional and/or tectonic environments. Our expertise and experience enable us to solve complex problems using effective methods and to clearly communicate study results to our clients and other stakeholders. Itasca Denver offers a variety of services that build on its foundation of hydrogeologic expertise involving the practical and efficient application of fundamental principles to real-world problems.

Services Offered

  • Baseline hydrogeologic and geochemical characterization;
  • Evaluation of groundwater supplies and identification of groundwater recharge/discharge relationships;
  • Exploration and development of groundwater supplies for mines, mills, and leaching operations, as well as technical support in obtaining groundwater rights and permits;
  • Development of conceptual hydrogeologic models;
  • Development of numerical groundwater flow models;
  • Prediction of mine dewatering rates and impacts, such as the extent of drawdown;
  • Prediction of pore pressures and phreatic surfaces in highwalls during mining (e.g., as inputs for slope stability analyses);
  • Prediction of the rate-of-formation of mine pit lakes;
  • Prediction of dewatering-induced subsidence and the subsidence zone of influence surrounding open pit and underground mines;
  • Design and optimization of dewatering systems and evaluation of alternative dewatering systems;
  • Design and installation of test, observation (monitoring), and production wells (including technical specifications and bid packages), as well as analysis of step-drawdown tests and production logs;
  • Design and analysis of aquifer tests, especially in more problematic fractured rock, low permeability materials, or cold regions;
  • Evaluation and optimization of gold heap-leach operations using a gold heap-leach simulator;
  • Hydrogeologic evaluation of covers using vadose-zone codes; and
  • Expert witness, second opinion, and litigation support.