Itasca Denver has far-reaching knowledge related to conducting field and laboratory investigations with the purpose of acquiring hydrogeologic and geochemical data.

Services Offered

  • Conducting field sampling of water, rock, and soil for chemistry analysis;
  • Installing pumping (injection and extraction) wells, monitoring wells, and standpipe or grouted-in vibrating-wire transducer piezometers;
  • Conducting field tests (pumping, injection, drill stem air-lift tests, packer tests, etc.) for the estimation of aquifer hydraulic parameters;
  • Conducting vadose-zone studies for infiltration, gaseous transport, and chemical transport;
  • Installing surface-water and vadose-zone monitoring systems (gages, flumes, dedicated pumps, lysimeters, etc.);
  • Characterizing mine wastes to evaluate the potential development of acid rock drainage and the leaching potentials of metals using laboratory and field-scale testing; and
  • Collecting and evaluating operational data from soil and groundwater remediation systems.