Itasca Denver specializes in site assessment, data analysis, the evaluation of impacts to water resources, the selection of remediation systems, and the implementation of remedial actions that lead to the closure of sites where contaminated soil and groundwater are encountered. Our staff of hydrogeologists, geochemists, engineers, and geologists has extensive experience working with regulatory agencies to achieve practical, cost-effective solutions to a broad range of environmental problems. We provide services that range from the sampling of soil, sediment, and water to the construction of detailed models to be used in the assessment of the fate of chemicals in the environment. Our experience ranges from providing recommendations of approaches to remediate small diesel spills to conducting detailed investigations and hydrologic and geochemical modeling for Superfund sites. In addition, as a part of Environmental Assessments (EAs), Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), baseline investigations, and litigation, we have completed many investigations wherein we assessed environmental impacts to the quantity and quality of water resources.

Services Offered

  • Delineation of contaminant sources and evaluation of the extent of groundwater contamination;
  • Evaluation of remedial options and development of exit strategies for site closure;
  • Design, cost estimation, installation, and operation of groundwater, sediment, and soil remediation systems;
  • Prediction and analysis of environmental impacts on local and regional surface-water and groundwater systems;
  • Development of environmental-impact remediation strategies for permitting and closure;
  • Support for environmental permitting, permit renewals, and regulatory compliance;
  • Closure of mine facilities;
  • Design of monitoring systems;
  • High level review of project work by other parties; and
  • Litigation support involving allocation, fate and transport analysis, and sources of contamination.